The IC Bruisers are the nation’s first and only FREE junior roller derby team. We are a non-profit sports league dedicated to empowering youth through the international sport of roller derby. All boys and girls ages 6-17 are welcome regardless of skating ability or prior experience.

Formed in June 2014, we have over 70 skaters, learning and competing in the sport of roller derby. It is our mission to provide a fun, safe, and supportive environment for young athletes where they can come together and play this excting sport of speed, strategy and teamwork. The IC Bruisers strive to create a positive and safe environment for all skaters to develop character, social skills, and athletic abilities, build self-confidence, and teach leadership skills while improving overall fitness.

Beginner Level and Level 1 practices have mostly no contact and focus on improving basic skating form, stops and safe falls.
Level 2 and 3 practices begin to include blocking and jamming drills with contact and work on the strategy of the game. A skills test and written test are required to move up into higher levels to ensure that all skaters are safe and educated about the game.

Our travel/charter team competes in sanctioned bouts throughout the Midwest in the Open Division. Our other teams compete in unsanctioned bouts with other teams in the Midwest for fun and to develop our newer skaters. We practice twice per week where we work on endurance, strategy, and skating skills, with an additonal weekly practice for our Charter Team skaters.

We are a member of the JRDA.